ImprovEd Shakespeare’s
Spring, 2015

The spring of 2015 was our grandest season to date. We continued our beautiful friendship with Rude Mechs, who worked with us to provide much-needed rehearsal space at the Off-Shoot. In order to balance the large number of enrollments this semester, we ended up with two casts of main characters, each performing as Ensemble for the other cast. We also had a record number of performance locales: Sherwood Forest Faire, three Austin Public Library branches (Carver, Terazzas and Ruiz), HOPE Farmers Market, the Austin Discovery School and the start of an incredible relationship with Austin Scottish Rite Theater (both on stage and in the basement). In addition to rehearsals, our Lab continued to churn out blog postings, videos and social media posts. The idea for the opening of Taming of the Shrew was that the audience voted on how they wanted us to interpret the script – either as Kate being tamed by Petruchio (Mastery) or Kate and Petruchio falling in love with each other (Relationship). This gallery focuses on the cast performing the Mastery interpretation.