ImprovEd Shakespeare’s
HENRY IV (Part 1)
Fall, 2014

This was quite a production season. In addition to renting the Boyd Vance theatre for a couple of hours for a performance, we also performed at the Austin Public Library, the Texas Renaissance Festival School Days, and we were invited to perform at Austin Discovery School. We had outgrown our rehearsal spaces and this year marked the start of a beautiful friendship with Rude Mechs, who supported our project by allowing us access to their rehearsal space, the Off Shoot. We had two full casts for all these performances, however, each cast played ensemble roles in the opposite cast. Everyone had to perform every time!

During the 2014-2015 school year, we added multiple new projects. We decided that our players needed experience in marketing and promotion for a theatre company. So we started what we called The Lab, where some of our older players learned about social media marketing. They worked to create blog posts, videos and social media posts in conjunction with each season’s production. On top of all this, we began our Girl Improved project, too!