| by Andee Kinzy |

Here at ImprovEd Shakespeare, we firmly believe you should get to know the story before jumping into a Shakespeare play. In honor of the full-length Shakespeare productions in Austin, we want to share some resources with you.


ImprovEd Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew


If you like YouTube, we have a playlist on our channel:
Studies: The Comedy of Errors

For a short written summary:

  • Royal Shakespeare Company Synopsis of Comedy of Errors
    *Note: They have additional interesting explorations into the play in the menu on the left.
  • Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare by E. Nesbit – The Comedy of Errors
    *Note: Also old-fashioned. By E. Nesbit of “Five Children and It” fame.
  • Shakespeare Stories II by Leon Garfield

For alternative versions:

  • No Fear Shakespeare
    *Note: No Fear Shakespeare has a useful modern translation next to the original text. If you want to read the entire play, we enjoy using No Fear as a resource.
  • Utah Shakespeare Festival Comedy of Errors Study Guide
    *Note: If you want to go deeper into the play.

Film versions:

  • For those who wish we could travel to London for some Shakespeare plays, Digital Theatre makes films of British stage productions. This one promises to be delightful for the kids: The Comedy of Errors

We hope these resources are helpful to get you started on your journey with this play!