“I count myself in nothing else so happy
As in a soul remembering my good friends.”
Richard II, Act 2, Scene III

Shakespeare is the thread that binds us together. Our Company is small, but together we can do great things. By learning from our past, we can pave the way for our future. Company costs include theatre rentals, rehearsal space, insurance, costumes, props, set pieces, occasional sound equipment rentals, website, marketing, admission tickets, Director and Assistant Director salaries and more. In order to maintain our budget, we rely heavily on volunteer time and donations.

If you have a skill to share, let us know. We can use volunteers/mentors in any and all areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Fundraising Mastermind – We need a mastermind to plan one big fundraising event outside of our performances each season (i.e. party, online auction or raffle, Kickstarter campaign, etc.).
  • Sponsorship Coordinator – Sponsorships are great! We need a person who can commit to finding sponsors who will donate items or money (!!) to the organization. Can work alongside the Sponsorship Coordinator and Fundraising Mastermind for an online auction or raffle. Remember, all donations are tax deductible.
  • Outreach Coordinator – We need someone to find schools, clubs, organizations who would be interested in attending the performances, hosting a performance and/or after school classes.
  • PR Coordinator – All events and activities need publicity! This person will help with publicizing all the events and activities for ImprovEd Shakespeare.
  • Grantwriting – There are tons of grants out there for education in the arts. We just need to find them and write them.
  • Photography/Videography – Photos and Videos are key. We need content from rehearsals, activities and performances.
  • Costumes – The costumes don’t make themselves!
  • Donate – If taking on a job is too much work for you, you can choose to donate to the organization, instead. That way, we can pay someone to do the position! We estimate that each position is 15 hours worth of work. At $23/hr (which is the going rate for volunteer, in-kind donations), this rounds up to a $350 donation.