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We are currently seeking angel investors who would like to Give a Girl the Gift of Theatre. Our newest production, Witchcraft in Their Lips, is a creative partnership with a full-length adult version performing at UT. We are producing an all-girl version of the same play with 6th-12th grade students. This unique opportunity gives the girls a chance to experience theatre differently than the typical youth production. They will have access to mentors who are dealing with the same issues and the same questions as they’re each seeking to decipher the Bard’s works. This project fell into our laps too late to apply for a grant, so we are seeking angel investors who can gift the tuition for dedicated, passionate girls who can’t afford the fee. If you’d like to gift a girl this chance, the $275 production fee covers four months of rehearsals and 4-6 free performances for the public. Follow this link and say “Witchcraft” in the comments:

ALL DONATIONS THROUGH AUSTIN CREATIVE ALLIANCE ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. You will be re-directed to our fiscal sponsor page on Austin Creative Alliance. Please note if you want your donation to go to Give a Girl the Gift of Theatre.

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  • Your donation helps us keep our performances free.
  • Your donation helps us introduce Shakespeare to young audiences.
  • Your donation helps prepare the next generation for the future.
  • Your donation helps us build confidence and self esteem in our future leaders.
  • Your donation helps us buy costumes and props.
  • Your donation helps kids travel with their theatre company to Renaissance Faires and theatre conferences, like the Texas Nonprofit Theatres Youth Conference in June.
  • Your donation helps us with filming so more kids have access to Shakespeare resources.
  • Your donation helps us to find the best sound equipment for theatre and film.